CDN Test Site (Origin Site)

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HTTP Headers


Test1: Cache-Control


Test1: 301 Moved Parmanently


Test2: Gzip

curl -D header.log -H "Accept-Encoding:gzip,deflate" http://your-cdn-cname/nogzip.html

Test3: Range Request

curl -r 99999000-99999999 http://your-cdn-cname/100MB.dat

curl -D header.log -r 100-199 http://your-cdn-cname/range.php

Test4: Query Strings


Test5: Response with SetCookie

Ignoare Cookie ./cookie1/set1.php
Handle Cookie ./cookie2/set1.php

Test6: Request with Cookie

Ignore Cookie./cookie1/test.php
Handle Cookie./cookie2/test.php

Test7: under construction

unset the cookie
First try, cookie is null
Set cookie 1
Second try, test page show 1
Set cookie 2
Third try, test page show 2
Unset the cookie
You will get the page that was generated 1st step